About FreshUs Pac

FreshUs Pac has been in food packaging business since 1993. For almost last three decades, we have encompassed various challenges from our clients. They were all issues related to keeping freshness. Sometimes as simple questions as 'what size FreshUs packet need to be used', 'how can I measure air volume inside of the package.' Frome time to time, we were challenged to solve a complex problem in a short time period. Our customers' product line couln't be stopped, and we must provide a sure solution.

We have grown much larger compared to when we just started off. Now we have many folds more clients that we are serving everyday. And our warehouse has become much bigger in size. We thank you so much for your continued supports! Because you trusted and gave us an opportunity to serve, we could come this far. Along the way, we never have given up even in the hardest situations and challenges.

We would like to keep the same spirit of 'never give up' in our quest to serve our clients and achieve 'freshness.'
Thank you all!

Always Fresh

FreshUs is a little packet inside of food packaging. By absorbing oxygen inside of the packaging, FreshUs keeps the contents fresh. Take a look and find one from our product lines for your purpose.

How FreshUs works?

  • FreshUs absorbes oxygen keeping good taste & freshness

  • FreshUs assures safety and quality

  • FreshUs is simple and effective

  • FreshUs helps distribution more efficient