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Extend Shelf Life

For packaged foods, oxidation is major source of deterioration and spoilage of the contents. Signs of oxidation are discoloration, mold growth, and swelling of the package, etc. In the air, there is about 20.9% of oxygen. Oxygen is vital not just for human beings but for microorganisms and molds as well. Residual oxygen inside packaging can lead to insect damage, loss of nutritive values, loss of quality. Thus eliminating oxygen inside packaging is a major issue for keeping quality of contents and extending shelf life.


Use of FreshUs can lead to eliminate food additives and preservatives. FreshUs is a solution to satisfy today’s health conscious customers. FreshUs is tested and found non-toxic and approved to use with food by FDA.

Saving Cost

Use of FreshUs can substantially reduce returns and recalls due to spoilage. FreshUs ensures quality of products before expiration date by extending substantial amount of shelf life. Thus redistribution and waste processing cost will be saved.

Easy to Use

Simply drop a sachet of FreshUs into the package before closing. For maximum performance, place FreshUs into a free flowing air stream inside the package. Automatic insertion of FreshUs can be done with our error-free and cost-effective insertion machine. Feel free to contact us for more information about automatic insertion machine.

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