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Dry Foods

Following dehydrated or dry food items can be benefitted by FreshUs :
• Beef jerky & other dried meats
• Flour & grain items
• Spices & seasonings
• Nuts & snacks
• Dried fruits & vegetables
• Candies & confectionaries
• Bird seed & pet food

Refrigerated Foods

Generally refrigerated foods like in the following can further extend shelf life and keep the quality of food item by using FreshUs.
• Processed, smoked, & cured meats
• Cheese & dairy products
• Fresh and precooked pasta & noodles
• Kimchi
• Rice Cake & Fish Cakes

Bakery and Pizza

Following bakery items can be utilized with FreshUs. Without using preservatives FreshUs can extend shelf life as long as keeping quality of foods.
• Breads & cakes
• Cookies & pastries
• Pizza
• Tortilla

Coffee & Tea

Fresh coffee beans generate CO2 gases. FreshUs can keep the packaging safe by removing excessive CO2 gases and preserve amusing aroma of coffee beans much longer. Other tea & tea bag products can be benefited by FreshUs as well.

Dietary Supplements & Pharmaceuticals

Oxygen sensitive dietary supplements, vitamins (A, C and E), and other pharmaceuticals can be utilized with FreshUs to extend shelf life and maintain quality.

Fresh Fruits

Apple, banana, flower, and vegetables can be benefitted to maintain quality, slow down ripening process, and extend shelf life by eliminating ethylene gas.


Artwork and archaeological artifacts can be damaged and expedite deterioration process by oxidation. FreshUs can protect artwork by eliminating oxygen.

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